Digital Recording Balance D-200

Bigger is Better!!!

The Thermo Cahn range of Digital Recording Microbalances, are computer controlled balances designed for long term tracking of weight changes. They feature high-resolution digital electronics, wide dynamic weighing ranges, computer control, and advanced Windows software for data acquisition and analysis.

The weighing mechanism is mounted on a ½ inch thick anodized aluminium base plate, which is covered by a Stainless Steel dome. Below the base plate are ports for the sample and tare tubes. The base plate is milled from a nearly two inch thick block to eliminate any welds and possible vacuum leaks. All internal parts are anodized, gold plated or Teflon coated to resist corrosion and reduce out-gassing.

We can provide a wide variety of glassware and mounting options for the Digital balances. Call with your requirements or for additional information.

SpecificationsCahn D-200D-202
Max capacity:1.5/3.5 g.1.5/3.5 g.
Max sensitivity:0.1/1 µg0.1/1 µg
Weight change:+/- 150/750mg.+/- 150/750mg.
Max vacuum:5 x 10-6 torrAir case
Bake-out temperature:125°C125°C