THASS GmbH submits responsibility to Hitachi High-Tech Science GmbH

Since more than 15 years the THASS GmbH provided the support of the Seiko and later the Hitachi Systems for Thermal Analysis. The Application , the service and of course the sales of the products were handeled.

For personal reasons this responsibility was handed over to Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science on June 1st. 2019.

In the futurs please contact:

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science GmbH
Wellesweg 31
47589 Uedem
Tel.: +49(0)2825/9383-0

Temperature Modulated DSC

Hitachi High-Tech Science has launched the new temperature modulated DSC software. The linear cooling or heating rate is overlaid with a sinusoidal temperature profile. Amplitude and frequency can be chosen by the operator. After the measurement the data are converted in three different DSC signals. The conventional DSC signal, the reversible and the no reversible component. By using this technique, quite often overlapping effects can be separated. Especially analysing glass transitions the advantages are evident. While the reversible component shows the glass transition without thermal history, while the non reversible component just shows the enthalpy relaxation.

New DMS 7100 available for Europe

Already end of 2012 the new dynamic mechanical Spectrometer DMS 7100 was launched in Japan. Now after the successful testing period and applying for the CE marking, this instrument is now available in Europe as well.

It comes along with a lot of new features.

Various measurement heads that correspond to a variety of deformation modes were structurally improved to enable easy and secure sample mounting while considering the ergonomics of operator movement. Even the most inexperienced person can simply and confidently operate the Easy Measure Navigation software with its easy-to-follow illustrations that navigate you through the steps, from setting conditions to beginning the measurement.

The instrument comes standard with a Lissajous monitor for observing the relationship between response and deformation of the sample being measured. The deformed state of a sample can be verified in real time at each measurement point. The deformed state of the sample can also be verified at a later date at each measurement point by analyzing data save in a Lissajous graph, thus supporting high reliability of data acquisition.

The fully automated gas cooling unit employed by the EXSTAR7000 series can be connected to and used by the DMS7100. This economical cooling unit reduces liquid nitrogen consumption by 30% of previous models.

Real View DMS displays and saves status alterations to samples by continuous imaging. After the measurement, the saved image can be loaded, linked to temperature and each signal, smoothly displayed, and analyzed. More reliable information is obtained for evaluating heat transition, etc.