DCA Applikationen von Thermo Cahn (eng)

CHN_107 Title:"Wettability Oil Recovery Science.doc"
CHN_109 Title:"Predicting Adhesion in Fiber Reinforced Composites"
CHN_112 Title:"Dynamic Contact Angle of Polymers"
CHN_117 Title:"Analyzing the Wettability of Human Hair"
CHN_118 Title:"Using Surface Energy to Characterize Printing Applications"
CHN_125 Title:"Phenomenon of CA Hysteresis"
CHN_138 Title:"Developing New Products using DCA "
CHN_016 Title:"Novice Guide to DCA"
CHN_163 Title:"Preparing Single Sided Samples"
CHN_164 Title:"Analysis of Opthalpic Materials"
CHN_019 Title:"Surface Energy Yesterday and Today"
CHN_215 Title:"Fiber Bundle Handling Technique"
CHN_216 Title:"Printability of Polymer Sheets and Films "
CHN_024 Title:"Preparing Single Fibers"
CHN_034 Title:"DCA Accessory for Thin Films"
CHN_040 Title:"Relationship of Wettability to Absorbeny "
CHN_081 Title:"Wettability of Fiber Based Materials"

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